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2022 China EMC Week
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Workshop on security in the cyber-physical space
CEN-CENELEC 2022-01-24

February 8, virtual

Experts in security, from the physical or cyber security side, agree that the frontiers between these two sides are blurring. Yet, both worlds remain separated and warily avoid each other. This may result in security weaknesses. As the saying goes: the security chain is as strong as its weakest link. The workshop aims to map out the issues resulting from the under-explored cyber-physical frontier by using aviation as a business case.

As of January 2022, the aviation security legislation will include cybersecurity provisions. How is the sector taking this on board and what can be learned from the aviation security world and transposed to other transportation modes or critical infrastructure? What are the burning issues and can standardization help? Speakers from the Aviation Security Industry and the Commission (ENISA, DG HOME, DG MOVE) will help us deep pe into the cyber physical space.

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