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Health and wellness apps
ISO 2021-09-02

ISO/TS 82304-2, Health software—Part 2: Health and wellness apps—Quality and reliability, brings together and builds on guidelines and requirements for apps by many local and national health organizations around the world to ensure they are safe, reliable and effective.

Recommended by the European Union in their European toolkit for COVID-19 tracing apps to “filter out qualitative and trustworthy health apps”, the guidance provides an internationally agreed set of specifications to assess the apps, with a scoring methodology that gives a “traffic light” themed label. The label enables apps to be easily compared by users and health professionals.

The technical specification will help the industry for health apps realize its potential in managing chronic diseases, tackling unhealthy lifestyles and supporting ageing populations. It also provides a helpful tool to promote the use of good-quality health apps where healthcare budgets are stretched and there are disparities in quality and access to health services.

(Source: ISO)


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