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CEN report will facilitate designing products for children
CEN-CENELEC 2021-11-08

Appropriate and correct anthropometric and strength data are the basis for the design of safe, ergonomic and usable products which enhance user experience and comfort. Also, anthropometric and strength data are a prerequisite for product design and standardization for many new and innovative emerging sectors. 

Presently, the availability of anthropometric and strength data is very limited, and access is restricted. Furthermore, data are often outdated. As such, a lack of data can result in products that are unsafe or not fit for purpose, and lead to insufficient safety requirements being included in product standards.

Based on this issue, CEN/TR 17698 will help stakeholders to identify and possibly acquire the data needed: it contains guidance on identifying reliable and accessible sources of anthropometric and strength data for the European population under the age of 18 years published since 2000. Children’s anthropometric and strength data is not only important for products specifically intended for children, but also for other products with which children come into contact. The TR shows that, for some applications, the available data does not include all the body dimensions needed. It also shows that, for some body dimensions, the data is only available for specific age ranges or parts of Europe.

The benefits of the process brought forward by the new Technical Report promise to be many: providing access to accurate and up-to-date anthropometric and strength data will directly allow European manufacturers to design products specifically for the intended users. This is especially true for SMEs, which do not have the financial capacities to acquire the required anthropometric data by other means, such as by purchasing from a private provider, or for those whose main business is not focused on products for children but on other domestic products with which children come into contact, such as furniture, sports equipment or household appliances.


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