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Shaking off poverty

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Survival and development are eternal questions that humanity faces in this ever-changing world. Poverty like a chronic disease tempers our lasting efforts as common humankind. Extreme poverty has declined significantly over the last two decades, according to The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015, thanks to the collaborated fight under the organization of UN.

With a large population that stands firmly through a miserable period of history, China has experienced an unimaginable fight towards the modernization draggled by backwardness and poverty. Generations has spared no efforts in finding efficient paths to shake off the impediments, primarily poverty, for a well-off society in an all-round way by 2020. Fortunately, standardization helps exploit more potential of targeted poverty alleviation to reach the goal.

Enabled by the technical support of standards, agricultural and husbandry workers in remote areas are now not only reaping more products, but also involved in the modern industrial chains. Standards also literally help standardize procedures, processes and practice in helping the poverty-stricken population in real sense. Hitting the target more precisely will add more to efficiency and efficacy as well as the confidence of both the helpers and the helped.

In SPOTLIGHT, typical but not necessarily same cases are shared to elaborate how standardization adds to the efforts of targeted poverty alleviation in remote cities and counties, based on their indigenous conditions and needs. The role of standardization bodies and government should never be absent in such efforts, as experts warned.

In FEATURES, an overview of the newly established State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) introduces the leadership, main responsibilities and the logic behind the restructuring, though the institutional reform of the government is yet undergoing to aim for a more adaptable governance system with higher efficiency and performance under new conditions as China enters its new stage of development.

Former AQSIQ as the general administration for quality work has been dismissed with most responsibilities and personnel integrated into SAMR. As the authority for standardization work, SAC continues its duties now under the SAMR umbrella, together with CNCA for certification and accreditation. The role of standardization is expected to be emphasized in a larger market-oriented context.

With minor renovations in other columns, China Standardization is committed to updating our global readership with latest information and progress in the standards field in China.

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